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Our company is grounded at 1949 in Berlin Germany. Since the start of the company, the name Rüster stands for High Quality, Innovation and Service.

Rüster develops and manufactures a wide range of sensors & transmitters for industrial and HVAC proposus. With the introduction of our new line of products we decided that it was time to show the world our Unique solutions for HVAC applications.

Our products are not only Innovative and High Quality but also Excellent prices!

Rüster building controls is a part of Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co GmbH was grounded in 1949 at Berlin by Paul Rüster. Rüster is from the start well known as a developer and manufacture of innovative and High Quality pressure transmitters, resistance thermometers (with or without ATEX approval), humidity sensing etc. 

At our industrial delivery program there is a wide range of thermo-couples, thermometers, liquid pressure sensors, AIr differential pressure transmitters etc, available special developed for sea going vessels, trains, offshore, electricity plants etc 

These products can be ordered with ATEX certification and/or calibration.

Our succes as a producing company is largely a function of how quick it responds to new market requirments. Therefor our working methods are state of the art.

In certain areas we cooperate closely with universities, institutes and partners.

Paul Rüster & Co. GmbH is a ISO 9001 approved company.

Want to know more about our possibility's and solutions? Contact our sales department for more information!

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Rüster Product news

With the introduction of our new Primeline housing the NEXT generation of innovative and high quality room sensors & transmitters is born!

Unique with this NEXT generation solution are the options available, not only for the temperature sensors, but also for carbon dioxide, humidity, air quality etc.

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Rüster Pricelist 2014

Now available : 

Pricelist 2014


Rüster Product news

Smartline temperature sensing probe special designed for accurate and fast temperature measurment. Available with Pt100 & Pt1000 duct /immer-sion sensors & cable sensors.

Ask our sales for more infor-mation about the possibility's!

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The intelligent way to save ENERGY

Our innovative SMT131 series room controllers are not only designed to have a pleasing estetics but make the differance by easy installation, Easy to use and save up to 40% on Energy use against traditional systems!

But not only that! With logic to control Belimo's 6-way control valve, Hotelroom options and..

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