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Our company is grounded at 1949 in Berlin Germany. The name Rüster stands for High Quality and Service since the start of the company.

Rüster develops and manufactures a wide range of sensors and transmitters for Industrial and HVAC proposes. With our new line of products we decided that it was time to show the world our Unique solutions for HVAC applications.

Our products are not only Innovative and High Quality but also excellent priced!

Rüster building controls is a part of Paul Rüster & Co GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co.GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co GmbH grounded in 1949 in Berlin Germany by Paul Rüster. Rüster is from the start of the company well known as developer and manufacture of innovative and High quality pressure transmitters, resistance thermometers for control of motors and generators, humidity sensing etc (with or without EX approval)

In our industrial delivery program there is a wide range of EX sensors and transmitters, sensors and transmitters special developed for sea going vessels, trains and offshore etc. All these solutions can be ordered with or without calibration!

Our success as a producing company is largely a function of how quickly it responds to new market requirments. Therfore our working methods are state of the art. In certain areas we cooperate closely with Universities, Institutes and partners.

Paul Rüster & Co GmbH is a ISO 9001 approved company.
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Rüster Communicative comfort controllers

With the modern building control systems bus communication is more and more important. With communicative comfort controllers the BMS system is 

SMT-920 Viking

The SMT920 Viking is designed and manufactured based on years of experience in building advanced comfort control solutions. 

The SMT-920 is built using the powerful Chameleon engine.

Easy to install

With the introduction of the 

SMT-920 Viking the days that you need a large user manual to install and program the controllers are history! The controler simply displays information clear in precise englisch on its bright backlight graphical display!

The SMT-920 is designed with great care! The controller features "Smart Tags" button labels that guide you through the various menus and reducing the need for complicated manuals and the risk of setup errors.

Energy saving

With the Chameleon engine we provide a platform witch is designed to save energy! Against traditional systems the SMT-920 saves up to 40% on the energy use!


365 day, 7 days or manual programming

No menual needed, sinple menu logic

Integrated economy Function (Enthalpy Based)

2-wire sensors with Multiple functions

Optional 4 wire sensor with LCD available

Bacnet or Modbus communication

After Hours timer

24Vac or 240Vac powered

2 Digital inputs with Library of functions

2 Analogue outputs with Library of functions

1 Digital output with Library of functions

5 dedicated HVAC Equipment control relays

Volt free relay outputs 240Vac 10A max


Price D.G.



RS-1Room temperature sensor23,63C
RS-WWireless temp sensor
RSSSmart sensor with LCD 200,00C
VSXThermal valves Read more


SMT-131 Smart

The SMT 131 Smart comfort controller is designed with estetics, innovation and high quality in mind.

This unique solution offers not only easy install and easy in use but is robust has different control possibility's.

With the large Touch screen with dimmable backlight, the integrated Modbus communication protocol, and  his low profile makes that the SMT131 Smart can be easely integrated in many BMS systems.

Energy saving
The SMT-131 is developed with the latest innovative technology's. With special energy saving logic integrated in the control strategy of the SMT131 it is possible to save up to 40% Energy against traditional control systems.  

The SMT-131 is developed with energy saving and easy use in mind! One of the unique features of the SMT 131 Smart is the integrated hotel room logic. To be sure that the hotel guest has the right comfort when he is entering the room, the SMT-131 can be equiped with the special OC-3D occupancy module. This module has a 230V @ 10A output for controlling the electra in the room, a volt free output to activate the SMT131, several occupancy sensor inputs and a input for a door switch. [read more]


Bright Backlit Touch screen

Ontuitive operation

Relay outputs

Single or three fan speed control

Heat pump or heat cool control logic

0..10Vdc valve control logic

Extensive installer options menu

Integrated Modbus communication

Optional remote sensor(s) available

Occupancy input

Optional doorstation input

Door Bell function


Price D.G.



RS-1Room temperature sensor23,63C
RS-WWireless temp sensor
OC-3D Occupancy module 106,31 C
SMT-PIR Occupancy sensor 61.43 C
H-243  Outdoor station  102,38  C 
VSXThermal valves

Read more

SMT-770 Chameleon

The SMT-770 Chameleon platform is special designed to have a flexible control solution for comfort control with high energy savings.

With the SMT-770 Chameleon you get more then 198 control options in one housing!

Easy to install

The SMT770 Chameleon is 

not only easy in use, maintanance free but also very easy to install! All connections are made on the backlit of the controller, with easy programming in mind our engineers developed a installer menu witch is easy in use! To program the controller you do not need a large manual anymore!

Energy saving

With the Chameleon engine we provide a platform witch is designed to save energy! Against traditional systems the SMT-920 saves up to 40% on the energy use!


Auto season change over

Selectable programmable or manual mode

Heat cool or heat pump logic

High & Low balance points

Keyboard and/or temperature locks

Occupancy sensor inputs

Adaptive recovery (optimised start)

Smart fan logic for commercial control

Outside air temperature display

Volt free relays

Large Backlit EL display

Integrated modbus option

Replace almost all 24V thermostats & controllers


Price D.G.



RS-1Room temperature sensor23,63C
RS-WWireless temp sensor
OC-3D Occupancy module 106,31 C
SMT-PIR Occupancy sensor 61.43 C
EC-02 Extention module 125,00 C 
VSXThermal valves

Read more


The SMT-AZC Zone VAV controller is special designed to control the air flow in a single zone. The Controller is profided with a upstream mounted flow sensor. 

Easy to install

The SMT-AZC is easy to install.

Based on the same housing as the unique SMT-770 Chameleon the controller has his connections on the backplate of the housing. Our engineers have developed a easy to use menu with password protection.

Energy saving

The SMT-AZC is developed with high comfort and energy savings in mind! Unique with the SMT-AZC is the Modbus communication witch will provide the building managment system with the needed information to be able to control based on request!


Upstream flow sensor included

Temperature settings in C or F

Easy programming of min & max flow

integrated temperature sensor

floating (3-point) 24Vac acuator control

Modbus communication


Price D.G.


SMT-880 Falcon

Finding the right HVAC controlis often not an easy task. Modern consumers expect an attractive and easy to use thermostat featuring all the modern features. The SMT880 Falcon features a full colour 5"touch screen waith a modern interface and attractive icons. Tapping icons open pages that permits the adjustment of comfort levels, system modes and holiday scheduling that are all laid out in an attractive and intuitive format. The Falcon is that easy to use that the user should never need read the manual or call tech support for help using their Falcon.

The capabilities of the Falcon does not stop with a fancy userinterface. The Falcon can easily be expanded to include individual temperature control for up to 9 zones by simply addition of the zone control module.

The controller can be fitted with up to a maximum of 4 wall units.A change made on any one of the wal units will automatically synchronize, updating information to the other wall units.

Each wall unit has the ability to turn zones or the HVAC system On or Off or adjust individual zone temperatures. With the Falcon when using multiple wall units you can adjust in every zone the comfort level.

Also the SMT880 can be controlled by smartphone or tablet, simply by connecting the controller to the ethernet or adding the WIFI  modules. Especcially for smartphone or tablet control SMart temp has developed a easy to use App.


Large 5"full coulour Capacitive Touch screen

Up to 9 temperature controlled zones

Ful Scheduling for each zone

Iphone, Android and web page control

Rh & temperature monitoring & control

Single or 3 speed fan conctrol

Heatpump or heat cool control logic

0..10Vdc Valve control

Photo frame function

Light sensor for automatic backlight control

optional with pressure control possibility's

Price €
SMT-880     840,00 C
Falcon WIFI   295,00 C
Falcon zone module   275,00 C
Falcon touch panal   650,00 C
RS-1 Room sensor   23,63 C
V.X thermal valves   Read more    

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