Pressure independant control valve

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Our company is grounded at 1949 in Berlin Germany. The name Rüster stands for High Quality and Service since the start of the company.

Rüster develops and manufactures a wide range of sensors and transmitters for Industrial and HVAC proposes. With our new line of products we decided that it was time to show the world our Unique solutions for HVAC applications.

Our products are not only Innovative and High Quality but also excellent priced!

Rüster building controls is a part of Paul Rüster & Co GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co.GmbH

Paul Rüster & Co GmbH grounded in 1949 in Berlin Germany by Paul Rüster. Rüster is from the start of the company well known as developer and manufacture of innovative and High quality pressure transmitters, resistance thermometers for control of motors and generators, humidity sensing etc (with or without EX approval)

In our industrial delivery program there is a wide range of EX sensors and transmitters, sensors and transmitters special developed for sea going vessels, trains and offshore etc. All these solutions can be ordered with or without calibration!

Our success as a producing company is largely a function of how quickly it responds to new market requirments. Therfore our working methods are state of the art. In certain areas we cooperate closely with Universities, Institutes and partners.

Paul Rüster & Co GmbH is a ISO 9001 approved company.
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Pressure independent control valve


VSX..PB/VSXT..PB pressure independent balacing & control valves can be used in heating and cooling systems in application with fancoil units, chilled beams or other terminal units applications. VSX(T)..PB valves provide modulating control with full authority regardless of any fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system.

The valves combine an externally adjustable automatic balancing valve, differential pressure control valve and a full authority modulating control valve.

VSX(T)..PB valves make it simple to achieve 100% control of teh water flow in the building, while creating high comfort and energy saving at the same time. An additional benefit is that no balancing is required if futher stages are added to the system, or if the dimentioned capacity is changed.

Energy saving is due to optimal control, lower flow and pump pressure. Maximized T is due to faster responce and increased system stability.


  • Less time to define the necessary equipment for a hydraulic balacing system (only flow data are required
  • No need to calculate valve authority. Always 100%
  • Flexibillity if the system is modified after the installation.


  • No further regulating valves required in the distribution pipework when VSX(T)..PB is installed at terminals
  • Total number of the valves minimized due to the 3-in-1 design
  • Minimized commissioning time due to automatic balacing of the system
  • No minimum straight pipe lengths required before or after the valve

Techincal data

Valve housingDZR Brass, CW602N
Flow settingDZR Brass, CW602N
DP controllerPPS 40% glass
SpringStainless steel
Pressure classPn25
Max diff pressure400kPa
medium temp. range0..120 C
PICV Valves with 2,5mm Stroke
TypeDNmin flow max flowPriceD.G.
Type Price   D.G.
PICV Valves with 5 mm Stroke

TypeDNmin flow max flowPriceD.G.
VSXT03PB DN10 30
200 70,00 F
* Stroke 5,5mm

Type Price   D.G.
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Flush mounted I/O module with Modbus RTU communication protocol. The unique and compact RBC-I/O is especcially designed to meet the wishes of our customers for a compact contol module witch can switch lightning , sun blinds etc.

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Rüster is proud to inform you that our industrial resistance thermometers and thermocouples are now available with GL certification

GL certification is especially needed when used in Maritime environment

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